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May 2009

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, May 24, 2009, I had a strange symptom occur. My nipples were really sore! I’ve never had sore nipples or breasts, so I told Jeff about it. Usually when I had a strange feeling, I would tell Jeff and he would jokingly say, “maybe you’re pregnant”. I’d respond with a hopeful, yet unconvinced “yeah right”. This time when he said it, I just said “maybe” with a slight smile. When I stopped to think about it, I did have a few days where I felt a little sick to my stomach. Nothing to complain about, but definitely not normal. I was also constipated, another very unusual symptom considering my high fiber diet. I took one of my cheap pregnancy tests. Nothing. I was still hopeful because it might have been too early to test. I decided to test again in a week. The next weekend we were heading to Rochester to look for houses, and Jeff’s parents were going to meet us there to help. I didn’t want to take a test until after the Rochester weekend, because I wanted to tell both sets of parents together. Since I knew it would be impossible to keep this secret, I couldn’t test before Rochester. When we got home, I tested again. Still nothing! I began to wonder… could it be these cheap pregnancy tests? I definitely feel different. There really wasn’t time to think about it, because my job required a weekend at a resort for a planning conference. I thought I’d test right when I got home, on Sunday, June 7th.