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25 Weeks Exactly, Pictures!

Friday, October 30th, 2009


Jen’s babe tum from the side (25 weeks exactly)

Whoa! Crazy Movement!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Baby has been moving around and kicking for awhile now, but I mostly feel kicking, tapping, and the occasional flipping. I told Jeff I can tell she is a peaceful baby because of the way she moves. (I know I might end up eating those words!)

I don’t know what got into baby, but man-o-man, she was being wild tonight. Well, actually, she’s very gentle, but she was moving around like crazy today! I woke up and from that moment on, anytime I was sitting down, she was kicking and swirling, and who knows what else.  Then at night, as I was watching The Biggest Loser, she starting moving around and kicking so much that we could see my belly move! This hasn’t happened yet as far as we know so Jeff and I thought it was cute and funny. Jeff put his hand on my belly and he could feel the baby swirling around or doing whatever she was doing. She did this for at least an hour straight. I think she will sleep well tonight!

Doctor Appointment! It’s a…

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Well, the big day has arrived! We got an ultrasound today (because the baby’s kidneys were measuring a little big at the last appointment)  and I was hoping to determine the sex of the baby since we didn’t find out for sure last time. Jeff was at a conference in Pittsburgh (I will be joining him tonight) so Peggy came with me. At the last appointment, our doctor said the baby’s kidneys might have been so large because I drank so much water so I didn’t follow the rules this time and only drank 16 oz instead of the 32 they usually say to drink. Then, they asked for my urine sample right when I arrived so I emptied my bladder enough for that. A few minutes later the same receptionist who told me to do the urine sample right away said, “oh, you have an ultrasound today. Did you already empty your bladder?” I said “yes” and thought, “yes because YOU JUST TOLD ME TO” and I assured her that everything would be fine because I only released enough to give the sample.

The ultrasound tech was different than the lady I’ve had before, but she was nice. She told us the sex right away since the baby had its legs uncrossed and we wanted to get a good view before the view was gone! It’s a… girl! After that, the tech said that the baby was in such a good position she wanted to see it in a 3d/4d ultrasound! How cool! We only got to see this for about a minute, but we got to see just what the baby looks like now! Pretty awesome! I’m posting a few pictures that I took of the pictures they gave me, so they are bad quality, but better than nothing. Then the tech switched back to the regular ultrasound machine. (I’ll post the regular ultrasound video in about a month.) Within a minute or so, baby crossed her legs again… what a little lady! She still had her hands/arms right up by her head. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were attached there! She has had her hands on her head during all 3 ultrasounds. It must be comfortable or comforting for her. Come to think of it, I sleep with my arms up by my head so maybe she is just like me. We found out that the baby is 1 pound, 5 oz and measures in the 33% range.

After the fun part, it was time to see the doctor. I got the delicious looking drink for my glucose test which I will take in a few weeks. I found out the baby is perfectly healthy and everything seems to be going as it should. I wasn’t able to get my swine flu vaccine because the clinic hasn’t received it yet. My doctor recommended I find a place in Boston to get it ASAP. The baby is facing head down and although I know she moves around a lot, it makes me happy that she is head down.

I think that’s all for now! If I think of more details I’ll post them later.

3d ultrasound 24 weeks, 3 days

Oh I have SUCH a headache!

3d ultrasound 24 weeks, 3 days

Life is ROUGH!

3d ultrasound 24 weeks, 3 days

24 Weeks Exactly, Pictures!

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

I don’t think these pictures really show what I look like, but here you go!Jen’s babe tum from the Front

Jen’s babe tum from the side (24 weeks exactly)

Good and the Bad

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I’ve noticed all of a sudden my face has cleared up! The dreaded acne that has plagued my face for the first 22 or so weeks has finally cleared and I feel like myself again (almost!) However, to balance things out, my lower back/hips started hurting today. I’m in Ohio and I noticed my back feels a little achy most of the day, but it feels better when I run. Add one more point to the “running is good for you” score! Also, I’m not sleeping as well. I’ve had a few nights of not waking up until 5:30am, but most of the time I’m going to bed and sleeping well for about 2 hours then I’ll be up every hour after that. Sometimes it’s just to pee, sometimes it’s stomach pain, sometimes it’s a mystery and I just wake up feeling really anxious and wide awake for some reason. I usually just read something on my phone to put me back to sleep.

Other than that, everything is great! People are really starting to notice that I’m pregnant so that is kind of fun. In fact, on my flight to Columbus, quite a few people were staring directly at my stomach when I passed, but none of them said anything. It’s fun to watch people’s expressions. I could tell my flight attendant wanted to say something, but was worried about asking in case I wasn’t pregnant. I think it will only get more obvious from here!

23 Weeks, 1 day, pictures!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Jen’s babe tum from the Front

Jen’s babe tum from the side (23 weeks, 1 day)

Hard Kick and Retired Jeans

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I’m sitting at the airport going to see my mom and the baby just kicked really hard 4 times, right below my belly button. I think if my shirt was up I would have been able to see the kick! Since then, the baby has kicked at least 50 times, but softer. I love each time the baby kicks. It doesn’t get old… so cute! Before bed last night, Jeff was patient enough to lay there with his hand on my belly and he felt a good 5-10 kicks. He said, “that was a kick! That was another! That was another!” hehe…

In other news, I tried on some old jeans yesterday. They are some jeans that I never really wore before pregnancy because they were too big and baggy, but I kept them for when I became pregnant. Guess what?! I couldn’t even come close to zipping them! I couldn’t believe it! This expanding belly thing is strange to me. :)

22 Weeks, 4 days, pictures!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Jen’s babe tum from the Front

Jen’s babe tum from the side (22 weeks, 4 days)

Hungry and Bladder Control

Monday, October 12th, 2009

The appetite is back! Yesterday and today have been hungry days so I’ve taken full advantage by eating a lot both days. Baby likes to kick me now right before I eat. I think it is saying “I’m hungry!” I haven’t been hungry for anything in particular, though I guess I want carbs like bread, pasta, crackers, more than anything else. I’ve also had a hard time running because I feel like I have to pee constantly. I think the baby is running on my bladder while I run on the streets. Today I made a stop at about 15 minutes and barely made it to the door of my apartment before having to go again about 10 minutes later! I wonder how long this tiny bladder stage will last and whether it will get worse!

22 Weeks, Seattle, Hartford, pictures!

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Well, baby is gearing up for the Hartford Marathon tomorrow. No, I am not running but Emily and Ilana are running so I’ll most likely run parts of the course with them. The past few days were spent in Seattle and baby enjoyed all the yummy food there. The flight out was Columbus to Chicago to Seattle and wasn’t too bad. The flight home was Seattle to Boston and that got a little long, but nothing too bad. I tried to get up every so often and walk/use the restroom.

My stomach is getting bigger by the day. Jeff said “wow, you really look pregnant now” when I first arrived in Seattle and my friends agreed. A few days I barely ate any dinner and my stomach just keeps growing (so do my boobs!) Besides that, nothing exciting is happening. My energy level is ok. I’m able to get by without a nap if I sleep 9-10 hours. I didn’t nap at all in Seattle and I did quite a bit while there.

Ok, here are some pictures!

Jen’s babe tum from the Front

Jen’s babe tum from the side (22 weeks exactly)