Nursery is Ready!

I feel so much better after the past two weekends. Before then, we had a lot of baby stuff waiting in Ohio, and the only piece of furniture we had was the crib. Last weekend, the Bighams came and brought the rest of our baby stuff, helped us find a dresser, and helped get it into the baby’s room! During the week, I worked on getting stuff into the baby’s room. Then this weekend, my parents visited and my dad fixed some minor problems with our house while my mom helped put together the baby’s room. It looks so good and is totally ready for the baby now! That makes ME ready for the baby now! Sure, I’m still happy for her to stay put until she’s due, but at least I feel much more prepared now! Thank you to both parents! YAY!

Here are some pictures!

Baby Bigham's Bedroom

In other news, I’ve been feeling about the same. Things are definitely still harder for me than usual. I’m sore in my lower stomach and groin area which makes getting up and down and moving around a lot harder. However, I can still exercise some… just not much. Two nights ago a slept for 6 hours straight! I couldn’t believe it! While my parents were here I didn’t sleep a whole lot but now I’m back on my napping schedule so that’s good. I guess that’s all for now!

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  1. Ilana says:

    So sweet! Makes me want to come visit! Only thing that is missing is the big “Puddle’s room” sign on the door!

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