I’m feeling really nauseous still. Today especially, I am having waves of nausea followed by moments of just feeling “ok”, then another wave of nausea. Bleh. This is definitely the worst part of pregnancy and makes me want to deliver soon! I can’t stand feeling this way. I can’t even sit and knit because I will feel sick so I have to just lay around and do nothing. And I have so much to do! My doctor said it’s just because there is less space in my stomach for the baby so my intestines and stomach are squashed which can make me feeling queasy.

Another problem is my dreams. I’ve been dreaming that I’m either giving birth or having contractions every night! Two nights ago I dreamed that I checked my own cervix (I wouldn’t ever do that!) and felt the baby’s head! Then last night I kept dreaming that I was giving birth. It makes me wake up in a panic!

Feeling more and more ready to give birth every day!

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