Stupid Things I Do, and Pelvis Pain

Well, the nausea thing is still lingering. Of course any time I feel good, I do something stupid to make myself feel bad again. For instance, yesterday I felt pretty good. Went to the gym and walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill then did some shopping. Got home around noon and relaxed, read, slept. Then I remembered that I had a check to deposit at the credit union. I thought, oh it’s just a mile away, might as well walk. I also wanted to go to the Carters store right across the street to get Baby some sleep sacks. Well, by the time I got to Carters I felt totally sick and I still had to walk the whole way home. Then I started to think how stupid it is to be that far from my house when I’m so close to my due date! Jeff and I decided I shouldn’t be walking to the store anymore!

Also, all during the day I kept almost falling and running into things! I am so clumsy it’s ridiculous! It’s like every time I stood up I almost hurt myself. When I told Jeff he said I just need to lay down and do nothing all day! hahaha… Actually, after all of my adventures yesterday I ended up staying on the couch from 5pm-midnight without really moving at all, other than to move from a sitting to laying position and back up to sitting.

In other news, for the past 2 weeks I’ve had pelvis pain that keeps getting more intense. It’s not like my hips where I would expect to be sore, it is like right in the middle of my pubic bone. It just feels like there is pressure and sometimes sharp pains. Sometimes I can barely lift my legs to walk. Good thing we have hardwood floors so I can just slide my feel easily. Usually I don’t get to this point until nighttime so that’s a positive.

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