Here we go!

This is Jeff Bigham, writing a guest post as Jen tries to encourage labor!

Jen had heard that you’re supposed to try to walk every day during your pregnancy. Yesterday (2/5) she went first for a walk, then went for a 2.5 mile run.  She wrote me at work to say that she had felt great and wanted to run for a whole hour, but thought maybe that wasn’t the best idea.

Around 4pm, she got the first hints of a contraction.  I stayed late at the office yesterday, but she didn’t want to tell me to come home because she wasn’t sure.  Around 6pm, the first “real” contractions started and they got progressively worse and more frequent during the rest of the evening.  The oddest thing for me was that I started to time them and they were coming every 5 minutes and lasting about 90 seconds each – that’s when you go to the hospital!  We called the doctor, and she advised Jen to wait until they were strong enough that it was hard to breath through them.  We went to bed thinking for sure that we’d be heading to the hospital sometime that night.

Jen had a really hard time sleeping – but, she finally fell asleep around 3am.  The next morning, the contractions were still coming, but had slowed a bit.  She was feeling pretty bad, so she decided to take a walk.  After getting back from the walk, the contractions came on a lot stronger, she called the doctor again, and he advised her to go to the hospital to get checked.

So, we packed up all our stuff (who knows if we’d be there for a couple hours, or a couple days) and headed to the hospital.  We get there and they put us in a “triage” room.  Nurses ask her questions, and then ask the same questions again. They tested her to see if her water had broken, and they found that it had! Eventually, we got to our own private room – it’s really nice!

At this point Jen was really hungry, and although we had food with us, we weren’t sure if she was supposed to eat.  I snuck a piece of a Cliff bar out of my bag and gave it to her.  Just as she took a bite, this really loud alarm went off!  We knew it wasn’t because she had that bite of food, but we both looked at each other and then laughed.

Now, her contractions have slowed down so we’re going to walk around the hospital and try to get them going again!

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